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  • Mitch forman

    Chosen People ministries

    Mitch serves full time in ministry as the Vice President of U.S. Ministries for Chosen People, the oldest Jewish mission in the United States. Mitch is based in Boston but oversees all recruitment, training, mentoring and leadership of the entire US based missionary staff. Mitch is married to Kina, a second-generation Jewish believer, and today they have two daughters and a son.

  • The Miller Family

    South Asia

    Paul and Amy are currently serving in full-time ministry in an undisclosed country in South Asia. Their mission has two key elements. Paul's primary role is providing training and support to new Christian pastors throughout the country and supporting the growing church. Amy's primary mission is operating a guest house, which provides a business visa for the family to remain in-country long-term, and offers a place for the Gospel to be shared with many travelers in the tourist-friendly area and for visiting missionaries to find rest and comfort. The Miller's have two sons and one daughter who are serving alongside their parents!

  • Tom and Terry Meyers

    American baptist international ministries


    Terry and Tom help the Baptist Union of Bulgaria give holistic expression of the gospel. Tom works primarily in development and in job and small business creation, using these as a means to address the issues of poverty and trafficking. Tom is also involved in a business-as-mission project, which will support the ministry outreaches of Sofia Baptist Church, build connections with ministries working in community development around the world and provide a place for job training.

    Terry’s work includes managing a literacy program with Roma children, working with victims of human trafficking, coordinating the Union’s partnership with American Baptist International Ministries and providing support to short-term mission teams.

  • David and Monica Proano

    Open air campaigners


    OAC has been officially recognized as an evangelical mission by the government, and has permission to evangelize wherever people can be reached with the gospel. David and Monica are on the OAC Ecuador Board of Trustees.

    Outreaches are being held in plazas, neighborhoods, public schools, military bases, and with Indian tribes. Multiplied thousands of people have been reached, with many responding to Christ. The first lesson of a Bible study is immediately done with those coming for salvation. Often it's the first time they have read the Bible.

    Churches participating in the open air film meetings provide follow-up. Seminars on open air evangelism are held for pastors and leaders from evangelical churches. Teams from American churches have greatly helped in the outreaches, with team members receiving a new vision for missions. Ecuador is experiencing a spiritual awakening, and OAC is assisting the church to bring in the harvest from the jungles to the mountains.

  • Bo and michele columbine

    world venture

    senegal, western africa

    Serving in Senegal in friendship evangelism and women's ministries.

    Bo and Michele serve Senegalese families needing assistance in discovering ways to provide for their basic needs. Since 92 percent of the Senegalese follow Islam, much of the Senegalese identity comes from being Muslim.

  • John and Kyoko Clendinnen


    Hiroshima, Japan

    John and his wife Kyoko obeyed another unmistakable call from God in the fall of 2013, transferring from Cru to Pioneers, in order to fulfill a 17-year-old dream to LOVE Hiroshima! by proclaiming JESUS the Prince of PEACE and the Gospel of PEACE to millions of Japanese who are lost in this modern-day City of PEACE! John and Kyoko have three sons, JJ (10), Micah (8) and Andrew (6), and currently serve as the Pioneers Hiroshima Team Leaders.

  • Bob and barb seavey

    wycliffe bible translators


    Bob and Barb have been partnering in Bible Translation since 1981 where they have served in Peru, Ecuador and through the office in Costa Rica. They are now heading to Ethiopia where they will continue to support Bible translation through maintenance and practical roles. This is a new and different venture for the Seaveys and they are thankful for a team that partners with them in their Wycliffe ministry through prayer, friendship and financially. W

  • Scott and Louise MacGregor

    SIL International


    The MacGregors have been working tirelessly with the Kagayanen language in the Philippines for over 32 years translating the scriptures into the peoples' native language.

  • Gideons International

    The Gideons International is an Association of Christian business and professional men and their wives dedicated to telling people about Jesus through associating together for service, sharing personal testimony, and by providing Bibles and New Testaments. They are often recognized for placing God's Word in hotels, but they also place and distribute Scriptures in strategic locations so they are available to anyone who wants them (and to many who do not know how desperately they need them).